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We were asked to design and build a new CPQ (configure / price / quote) system for Hyva using the Cincom platform. With operations across the world and a headquarters in Holland, Hyva make cranes, waste systems, hook loaders and hydraulic systems. Our aim is to improve 'direct to customer' operations, streamline their ordering, customisation process and improve business operations. There's a lot going on at the Hyva HQ, and we are so pleased to help accomplish their business goals.


We got to grips with the Cincom platform and figured out the best way of building a CPQ. It's a mixture of javascript, SQL and C#. Heavy stuff. But first of all we needed to figure out what Hyva's customers needed. So - we ran a bunch of workshops for each LOB (line of business). We got the Hyva folks down to the studio - sales reps, engineers, product managers and marketing departments, figured out client profiles, user roles, journeys, stories and requirements... by the end of two days there were a lot of post it notes on the walls..!

We went out for dinner, had a breather and then got down to compiling all the information into a presentation. This gave us great insight into what Hyva needed to accomplish with the CPQ, and therefore what we needed to implement with the design and build. From there we designed the user interface and wireframed the entire journey. Once that was signed off we started thinking about how it should look, and came up with a series of concepts. Then we had to build it! 

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